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Green Card

Pamela was so wonderful in successfully helping me acquire my green card. She responded quickly and took action immediately. Even when she had not heard back from the US Immigration office, she would update me on this. She also knew when her help was no longer needed and charged and billed appropriately. Pamela gently guided me to my next independent steps. Thank you so much Pamela.


Professional and Prompt

It was a pleasure working with Pamela Hartman. The whole process of applying for a Green Card takes a long time and it helps a lot when you are fortunate enough to work with someone professional like Pamela. Although I used to live in a completely different time zone I always received answers to my questions within the very same day. I am so happy and grateful that everything worked out and I can only recommend working with Pamela Hartman!

Anna Julia Kapfelsperger, Actress

Approved for Asylum

I am from Iraq. I hired Pamela Hartman to represent me in my asylum case. She was awesome. She was honest with me and she advised me to do everything the right way. I felt at ease with her and was very satisfied. I want to recommend anyone or any Iraqi people to hire her because she’s an honest person. I am thankful to her and James, her assistant.


Great Support!

It was great working with Pamela Hartman. She often pushed me to hand in more paperwork, when necessary. I would have not been so precise just on my own. Thanks for working so hard for me to get the green card.

Michael Wigge, Writer and Filmmaker

Making a Dream Come True

After a first unsuccessful attempt at obtaining a green card by another immigration lawyer, Pamela Hartman was able to put together an impressive EB-1 dossier for me which got me and my family permanent residency based on extraordinary ability. In truth, it was Pamela who was the extraordinary one! Not only did she do her research, but she truly cared personally about my case, and put a great amount of detail into it, which ultimately lead to success. She knows the immigration field inside-out. Thanks to Pamela, I was able to make a life long dream come true. I couldn’t be more grateful and happy.

Marcus Trumpp, Film Composer

Expert in EB-1 Visas

“I applied for a green card with Ms Hartman under the category of Alien of Extraordinary (EB1) – a daunting undertaking as my field in independent curatorial work is not common. Ms Hartman walked me through it from beginning to end with full confidence. I had the sense she was not just professionally invested in my success, but personally too. Her expertise and insight into the process cannot be overstated.”

David Kramer, Independent Arts Curator

A Family Visa Story

client testimnial

“Pamela made us feel at ease. She explained things so we were able to understand all the legal jargon. She walked us through the whole process step by step and was always available to answer any of our questions and quick to answer all emails.”

Doug and Jeanette Reesh

Visa familiar

client testimonial

“Conocemos a Pamela desde el año 2009, cuando ayudó a Pablo a obtener su residencia permanente. Pablo y yo nos casamos en marzo de 2013, e iniciamos mi petición de residencia permanente. Durante este proceso, Pamela nos contacto para ofrecernos su ayuda y alertarnos de la disponibilidad temporal de visas para familias. Ella nos ayudó a conseguir permisos temporales de viaje y de trabajo, previos a la obtención de la residencia. Posteriormente, nos acompaño personalmente durante la entrevista con el oficial de migración. Gracias a su generosa y desinteresada ayuda completamos el proceso en seis meses y sin problemas.”

Pablo y Ximena

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